Ten years... and a week

Mr. and Mrs. Trackball have passed the 10 year wedding anniversary with nary a pause. Are 10 years a milestone or simply the semantic addition of a second digit?

The answer doesn't really matter. Marriages that work are not seen as a burden but as a boost, and that's certainly been the case for us. People who talk negatively about their marriage, or marriages in general, seem to think that they're all alike, but anyone in a successful one can't really explain some generalizable ingredient for success.

Lots of people are not cut out for being married or living with anyone, for that matter. The divorce rate is really driven by these folks with their multiple marriages. While half of all marriages end in divorce, much less than half of ever-married people have ever been divorced.

The idea that marriages take work or that they are hard to maintain is mistaken. They are relationships, no different than any relationship between two people in the sense that it needs a certain amount of attention. But if one sees supplying that attention as a burden, you really ought to rethink the relationship.

So here's hoping that Mrs. Trackball will keep me around another decade. One week down...

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