The Lair that's barely there

Lots of people keep going on about the Lair, how I'll never get it, how it must be so grand, I'm so lucky to have it, it must be tied to the Secret Project, etc. Lots of misunderstanding going on out there.

It's time to puncture your warped delusions, dear readers. The Lair does exist, while at this point it is mostly a mental space (and it looks like the Pulse Orlando bar here -click 'more references' - and this and this and this and this and this). And it ain't grand. So, to put some reality to this whole thing, and confuse the Secret Project Projectors even more, here's a couple of thousand words.

The Lair as of 7/24/2006:

Notice that the lair is not totally devoid of other people's crap. Child bike helmet, dishes(!), luggage, a christmas tree, etc. But my stuff is mostly all there. There's enough room for me to stand there by the bookcase and say "we will call this lair... ... .... this lair."

Note the spaceship model display on the broken white shelves to the right. Is this bookcase straight ahead involved in the Secret Project? You betcha. Too bad you don't know what's inside... Now, panning to our left...

What's this? Could it be something that people think is part of the Secret Project?

Could it be LEGOS??? Pirate Legos???

Oh yeah. Involved with the Secret Project? Ha ha ha ha. I'm not saying. I hoped you enjoyed a tour of the Lair. I also hope that the LEGO wing of the Secret Project Projectors is now hopelessly confused.


TheGreatWendy said...

Hey...That is MY bike helmet and OUR damn dishes.....that is NOT CRAP!

TheGreatWendy said...

AND, that is a freakin basement.

Bulworth said...

The thing under the bedsheet worries me.

mondale/ferraro foreva! said...

hah! indeed, wild things must be lurking behind that bookcase and under that sheet! wow those legos look super fun! wooh!