The limits of one brain

As one who is intrigued by the creative and innovative powers that people possess, I am still flabbergasted at how much better several minds can work on a problem compared to just one. Adults have burned so many white hot neural pathways into their brain, essential for developing one's mind, that they have created ruts. We are trapped in our own minds to a large extent. No matter how multifaceted we think our thought process is, it's nothing compared to putting some heads together. Somehow, focusing more than one brain on something can negate the individual ruts.

This collaboration, this interaction of intellects is a key ingredient to advancing any aspect of life. Someone can have a genius insight, or be totally stuck on a dilemma, and just running it by another brain can unlock whole new avenues of thought on the thing in question. That genius idea can be enhanced or shown to be foolish, that dilemma can be solved or explained or at least put in a different perspective. If this power were properly harnessed, human civilization would probably advance at a faster clip.

Many people abhor the idea of communicating with others and prefer to stay trapped in their own limited intellects. But those that seek out feedback are richly rewarded. Knowledge can truly only be built by multiple minds and the greatest minds are usually those that have surveyed a lot of other minds. There's a reason that renaissance people are so talented.

This is why I am looking for readers for the science fiction novel. The second draft is done. This thing has banged around in my head for so long that I don't know what else to do with it. I am facing seriously diminishing returns to tinkering with it and the overwhelming mental stench of me is getting to be... overwhelming. I need other eyes to see it, other minds to process it, other brains to influence it.

So if you are interested, contact me. I will give you a couple of sample chapters and probably use you as a guinea pig for my query letter for the novel, complete with tagline, hook, plot synopsis.

I realize that many of you are simply curious, or want to be supportive to be nice, but I would really like some hard-nosed, constructive criticism. If it sucks, tell me why. What parts work, which ones feel not right, like you just whacked your funny bone, what is not clear? If it were in a bookstore, would you keep reading? I will have a bunch of questions. Yes, it will be very much like being a test movie audience. If you hang in there, you can read the whole draft.

The title is The Crashpoint Cascade.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Sure why the heck not. I'm working on one myself. Its posted on

mondale/ferraro foreva! said...

right on! count me in too, crashpoint cascade here we come! the flow will be rock'n hopefully both inside and outside the novel!