UPS and AVADirect: Great Service

The new computer arrived a little over two weeks after I ordered it from AVADirect, a custom computer builder. UPS kept me up to date on every step of the shipping, even down to the minute when they tried to deliver on a weekday, found no one home, and when they talked to my wife about dropping it off for us to pick up. They let me know all my options for retrieving the package, including picking it up at 8pm that night from a nearby customer center. Kudos, UPS.

The computer was packed in the computer case's box and all the documentation was in the box that the mother board came in, including the original CDs for Vista, etc. Talk about recycling! Hooked the computer up, turned it on and it was great. The only complaint I have is that in naming the computer account, they typoed it 'valued cusomer'. Not a big deal, except it is apparently impossible to rename folders in Vista, so even renaming the account to 'Dr. Trackball' didn't prevent 'valued cusomer' from reappearing on various folders. But that's a Vista problem.

Vista itself is pretty nice and the folder rename is the biggest problem. Games work well on it so far (gushing about Star Wars: Empire at War fits the positive comment thing but will bore you readers) and everyone's happy. The kids can fight over their own computer, we can share the new one and I am still smiling over great service once again.

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