WoW, I'm back in.

This blog was born amidst the wreckage of my last experiment with the gaming genre known as MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing game). It was a Star Wars MMORPG and I got bored with it. Mostly it was because the Star Wars game failed to create a Star Wars atmosphere, in part because the MMORPG elements of the game (a player-created society with no actual role playing) failed to produce it. No one wants to be the extras in Star Wars.

But, as I alluded to in the last post, I've been itching to throw World of Warcraft on my Lazy Susan of things I'm doing. There has been some burning for some D&Dish sword and sorcery. I had played a trial version and found it fun and not as hardcore focused as Star Wars. Heck, you get rewarded for not playing WOW continuously. And it's just plain fun.

Plus, Dr. Trackball prohibited me from playing after reading an article about video game widows with WOW-addicted husbands who ignore their families. So I just had to get it.

What can I say, she's never banned me from anything before. I'm pretty sure she can't, anyway.

So I'm back in. Got the game, started a character. And it's fun. Like stepping into the wardrobe and poking around Narnia for a bit. Mini and Micro both love watching over my shoulder as I run around Azeroth, much to Dr. Trackball's chagrin.

"Don't kill the bunny!" Mini says.
"I'm going to get that wild boar threatening it," I say.

"Wonderful things you're exposing them too," Dr. Trackball says.

At least three of us are having a good time.

For those of you without the time or hardware, here's two more addictive web games that will kill some evenings.
Let's go lower now...
Desktop tower defense.

Happy gaming.

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