What You See is What You Get

For many people, this is more than a type of word processor, it's a code of personal conduct. I am one of those people and believe in it quite strongly. One of the key ingredients of being true to yourself is being yourself. And yet, it sounds like a radical concept, doesn't it?

I'm even a bit perplexed as to how one can act otherwise. The show ponies who pretend to be workhorses, the people who put on airs, the people who tack into the wind personally all strike me as being dishonest and self-crippling. They expend so much energy trying to be something they are not that they can't play to their own strengths or dwell on their home turf. And most everyone sees through their act anyway. Maybe it's part of their nature to be false, you ask. We're not going to get into a circular discussion though.

On the flip side, some people make a point of being themselves a bit too much. They walk around in a bragging kind of way stomping on any and all rules of decorum that interfere with them acting any way they feel. These people in actuality are really the same as those putting on a front.

I figure, be yourself and let the chips fall where they may. We're all characters in our own way, even the quiet, reticent ones. Yes, there are certain traits that we each have that one would rather not have at times (I talk too much). We can try to rein those weaknesses in where we can and where it's prudent but still be WYSIWYG.

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