Applesauce Meter hits 50%

Yes, I'm raising the Applesauce Meter to a full 50%. Why? Not because of the iPhone, which I have no experience and very little interest in.

Nope, it's because of iTunes. I always thought it was inaccessible to those of us who don't go the iPod route, and it is. But if you burn the AAC-encoded songs to a disc and then rip them back to your computer as mp3s, you can put them anywhere. A pain in the butt workaround, but worth it. I tested it out by buying one song and it worked beautifully. iTunes even recognizes the mp3 version of the song alongside it's AAC formatted twin. Great.

And the iTunes store has a ton of music, more than I've seen elsewhere. (But where's the Led Zeppelin?) The software is simple to use, the music easy to search and try out. Apple can make very good software programs.

This is another case of Apple doing a terrific job, but at least half of what they're claiming. So, accordingly, with a Macbook and iTunes account, the meter has been adjusted to half water, half actual Applesauce.

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