I must catch this when it comes to town

I know, I should be beyond the Star Trek thing by now. The only Vegasy thing I did in Vegas in 98 was catch Star Trek: The Experience at the Vegas Hilton. Loved it.

But Star Trek: The Tour is coming to DC. No way I miss that. Thanks to Wil Wheaton for pimping it on his blog. The more of his stuff I read, the more I like him.

Oh, and on a related note, the Lair is coming along. Still looks like a basement corner, but it's taking shape. When it's done, it will be Lair 1.0 still, but 1.0 is better than 0.0.


shoffy22 said...

ahh yeah! two glorious developments in '08 - star trek in d.c. and the lair - which both seem to point to another exciting development soon coming, the release of the new batman! perhaps the lair 1.0 should first go into full operational mode on the release date of 'the dark knight'. oh yeah!

Trackball of Truth said...

That's not a bad idea, Shoffy. I should find out the release date.