James Bond + Dilbert in the Dunwich Humor

I've been reading Charles Stross novels at a feverish pace lately. Like Neal Stephenson and Richard K. Morgan, I'll read anything he writes.

Even still, I was more than a little surprised at how much I like his Bob Howard novels. The main character is a sarcastic IT support geek who works for a secret British MI6-type place that combats the supernatural world. Yes, he is in expert in computational demonology and is regularly threatened with Powerpoint, government bureaucracy and clueless computer users as well as zombies and demons straight out of H.P. Lovecraft. And I mean straight. out. of. Lovecraft. These are Lovecraftian sequels, really, but with humor instead of horror and the world of Dilbert instead of a creepy gothic Halloween vibe.


The first novel was The Atrocity Archives.

The second is The Jennifer Morgue.

Entangle your destiny with them and thank me later.

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