The truth about this generation of video game consoles

The truth about this generation of video game consoles (Wii, PS3, Xbox360).

Wii Pros:

  1. Created a new audience of gamers
  2. Did motion control first and best
  3. Made gaming a physical activity
  4. Ingenious games
  5. Cheapest console
Wii Cons:
  1. Relatively high ratio of crappy games, or overpriced motion control demos
  2. Motion plus add-on should have been standard
  3. No other entertainment choices; not used often
  4. Could fade fast: outdated graphics, new gamers won't buy a lot of games or upgrade
  5. Cheapest: limited memory, loud fan noise, disk drive is low quality
  6. Expensive games: lower price tag but many games should be $5 mini-games (Smooth Moves, Wii Sports Resort, Wii Play, etc.)
Truth: Mixed

PS3 Pros:
  1. High cost offset by 1080p HD graphics and super duper computer-like Cell processor
  2. Outstanding games like Little Big Planet, Rag Doll Kung Fu
  3. Is almost a one-stop entertainment hub: , upconverts DVDs, Blu-ray player, extensive library of games, trailers, demos, extra content and movies to download
  4. Motion control gamepad a good mix for a variety of games
  5. Sony diligent about upgrading the software, improving it after purchase
PS3 Cons:
  1. Later start and expensive hardware caused lowest sales
  2. No Netflix access, despite web browser
  3. Limited multiplayer interaction: Playstation Home has been a laughingstock
Truth: amazing, may be Tesla Roadster of consoles, ahead of its time and equal to or better than the next gen Wii and Xbox, especially if Sony keeps tweaking and upgrading software.

Xbox 360 Pros:
  1. Out first, built a big lead
  2. Innovative trophy system and other multiplayer features
  3. Has Netflix (although this is no better than a $100 Roku box because of graphics limitations)
Xbox 360 Cons:
  1. Rushed/sloppy - extremely high hardware failure rate, even in later models
  2. Only 720p, no Blu-Ray (adds about $300 to cost to buy a Blu-ray player and still doesn't equal features of a PS3)
  3. Best games are ports from PC franchises, which are cheaper (COD, GTA)
  4. Backed HD-DVD, and only as an add-on
  5. Poor design: console looks squashed, Xbox controller not made for human hands
Truth: A failure in slow motion. Microsoft is not a hardware company

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