It's a woman's world, thank the goddess

The truth is that we live in a woman's world. It's a pretty nice place, even for men. Especially for men like me, who like to go several decades between beatings by bullies and who appreciate the verbal arts. So before you think that this is a misogynistic rant about the fall of men or contrarianism for cuteness sake, turn off that crap filter and hear me out, because it's none of those things.

Round versus square. Without diving into religion too much here, there's a reason why lots of creation stories focus on woman be created after men or the supreme being is a woman. Men are humans 1.0, women are 2.0. Men have external genitalia, poor impulse control, weak immune systems, limited verbal abilities and bizarre hair placement. Women seem to be better designed in all these respects. Men are square and utilitarian, women are roundy and curvy. Note that almost anything in nature that is considered attractive is round or curved. The sun, the Earth, the moon, the eyeball, the pupil, flowers, clouds, rainbows and women. So the world literally is a woman's in the sense that both have intrinsic aesthetic appeal. Don't believe me? Put a picture of a human face (round, with round eyes, round mouth, round ears) next to a 2x4 and tell me which one your eye is drawn to.

The Female Memes. In all the important aspects, all human societies are run according to female sensitivities (not that all women share them, or that all men don't). And to the extent that ancient societies were more run by men's ideas, there is a huge shift away from those and towards women's worldview. Societies are verbally-oriented. Violence is considered horrible and is stigmatized more and more. Children and babies are adored, sex is frowned upon. Disease has been hunted down by insisting on doing those things that men resist - proper cleaning, cooking, and education. Stable, safe and happy lives and homes are expected to be a major priority for each person and is reinforced by mothers, sisters, wives and girlfriends.

Yes, in the unimportant aspects, men still superficially run human affairs. They run corporations, governments, armed forces and social institutions. But none of these has ever been responsible for getting society conditioned to say please and thank you. And the oppression of women continues every where in the world including in the United States. But the men in charge are consistently pushing the feminine memes: safe food, environmental protection, protecting children, maintaining civil society, etc. And women are quickly gaining on men where it counts, like in their higher college graduation rates, a sign that even the window dressing may not be male dominated in the future. Neither gender is in charge of the world, but both are actively spreading the feminine memes, or ideas.

And yes, there is much in the world that shows a profound lack of respect and dignity for women. But is treating women properly and equal to men necessarily a female meme? Do women practice that with one another when no men are around? Do they even believe it? If so, why are there unceasing mommy wars, cattiness, cliques, etc. etc. at all ages? How come every woman thinks she's ugly when she has aesthetic beauty? Are these masculine memes that only affect women and have managed to survive the general ascendancy of feminine memes? Possible, but unlikely. Men don't have anything approaching that kind of intra-gender sexism and self-loathing. So not all feminine memes are good, just as there are a few masculine memes that are good (and the reason that last clause sounds so strange is a sign that we live in a woman's world.)

Not a man's world. Still don't believe me? Okay, let's picture a man's world.

  • Nothing would need ironing. Clothes would be disposable or recyclable and highly flammable.
  • Everything would be dirty and food poisoning would be a major cause of death.
  • You could cut in front of any line by growling or beating the people in front of you. There would be no such thing as manners.
  • Babies and children would be sent to reservations to grow up to keep them out of public view and earshot. People who like to babysit would be considered freaks who can't control their deviant desires.
  • Organized religion would cease to exist. So would the PTA.
  • Every teenage boy would start lessons at the local, publicly funded walk-in tantric sex clinic at the onset of puberty. This would be done mostly as a mental health initiative, to reduce juvenile crime and to get them all to graduate from high school.
  • Belching after a meal would be considered complimenting the cook.
  • The environment would be completely totalled.
  • Women would be free to go out with that asshole they find attractive and would never have to settle for the boring nice guy.
  • Paintball and powertool operations would be major sports in gym class at school. At every education level there would be a recess after each class that required sitting still for more than five minutes.
  • Life expectancy would be about 45, as would the literacy rate. Except for the nerd colonies that would protect themselves with the coolest weaponry ever built.
  • There would be no subtlety in interpersonal communications.
This is not our world. And I think everyone can agree that what we got is a lot better. It's the feminine memes that make civil society... civil. So thank the goddess and pass the meme.

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