The Secret Project (or things to do with a lifespan before you're dead)

I think there are actually one or two people out there who are wondering what the Secret Project is. How interesting.

Let me first explain the context of what it is I am doing, because that will be much more interesting than the substance to many of you.

The Context:
Every person has a set of gifts, talents and strengths. They might be something learned or discovered or genetic or a bit of all three. They're usually enjoyable and can easily dump you into a flow state.

The truth is that whether we use these talents and how often can define not just how enjoyable a life can be but the entire trajectory of that life. The ToT has been intrigued by the idea of what would happen if more people realized this, or even if economic productivity came to rely on people being in flow on the job more often than it occurs now. What if the school system was geared to help kids discover what it was that got their juices going? What if it worked and the pace of change accelerated while society also got better at everything it does?

The ToT has also been trying to organize his life around moving from one flow-inducing activity to the next. In that lies the route to happiness. After a bunch of decades of existence, I have a real good idea what those activities are and which one of those are talented areas for me. There is one particular activity that has been a big deal in this regard for me going way, way back to before I could even read and write.

There's the context. What's the Secret Project? In a way, I've already told you here. It is fraught with the possibility of failure, complicated as all hell, a learning experience, intellectually challenging and impossible to stop doing. Can you figure it out?

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mizerock said...

Flow? Got their juices going? Learned it before reading or walking?

I can think of only one answer. It's also the answer to the famous question from Beavis: "What's the greatest nation in the world?"

But my logic must be flawed, somewhere.