The Secret Project Revealed

So after much unexpected mystery and muddling, the inquiring minds figured out what the Secret Project is. The truth is that I'm relieved that the mystery is over.

It is a science fiction novel.

It's been underway for quite a while. I'm almost done with a second draft that weighs in at over 560 manuscript pages. Much of working on it has been hands-on learning how to write a novel. And the learning curve has not been adequately climbed, I'm sure.

Why? I've been into creative writing and story telling since I was a toddler. I've got several stories banging around in my cranium that I would like to get out. Not all of them are science fiction.

If you want to know more, I'm happy to talk about it. But as a rule, writing anything is a solitary effort and is done mainly without doing much talking. But talking shop is something any one in this position enjoys and could use to get some sound-boarding on ideas, plot points, characters, etc. In Hollywood, they are called story meetings. Just be warned that any talk about the novel is going to feed right back in to the novel itself, whether it's feedback, or letting me refine the tagline or the story pitch, character development, etc.

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