The end of the Aikido experiment

Several things conspired to make me give up Aikido, at least for the time being. One was scheduling: the class ran past my bedtime and I was getting seriously exhausted from going twice a week.

A large reason was a junior high-ish feeling of inferiority. I was by far the smallest person in the class, the most physically inept. And with Aikido being one of the hardest martial arts, and me just a newbie in the martial arts realm, the odds were against me. Most of the other students have had previous martial arts and/or military training and have much easier learning curves than I. There was no flow going on at all, except in very brief moments that came at very long intervals.

This all added up to it being less than fun for me. And when something is not fun, I drop it like a cold stone. Boy scouts as well as many other activities ended for the same reason. The truth is that life is short and I go where I can maximize my enjoyment.


mondale/ferraro foreva! said...

given that the secret project is in full swing, sounds smart to move beyond the akkido, but most impressive that you went for it twice a week for a long time! pretty bad-ass i'd say.

Trackball of Truth said...

Thanks for your supportive comment, MFF. I will wholeheartedly refrain from using any Aikido moves on your Foreva-ness.

Bulworth said...

Trackball might want to join American Diletente and run a marathon.